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Left Behind Games threatening defamation lawsuits against critical web sites October 5, 2007

Posted by joshg in evil, Left Behind.
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This is really, really disappointing.

I haven’t been a fan of Left Behind Games, primarily since I wasn’t a fan of the Left Behind series to begin with. However, I’ve made a very deliberate point of trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, see beyond my usual theological and cultural pet peeves and find out what their game has to contribute.

Their PR comment spam campaign bothered me and insulted me. They mass-posted comments on blogs found through Google searching for anyone writing about Left Behind Games which insinuated that the writers of said blogs were writing about something they hadn’t tried for themselves, and which ended up being posted on this very blog attached to a response I wrote to playing the demo.

And now this. Thankfully I haven’t received one of these letters; I guess their lawyer decided not to use as liberal a Google search to find targets. (Insert “liberal” joke here.) But a tactic like this made by a game company that’s trying to represent Christianity and evangelize to the game-playing community is just outrageous.

I can’t find words which do justice to how much this completely misses the point.