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The Re-Org October 8, 2007

Posted by joshg in General.

So I’ve been incredibly sporadic in blogging here and at my other blog. It’s time for a change.

I originally envisioned “faithgames” as a specific, topical blog that people could subscribe to or visit who were interested in just this one crossing of topics, and who would rather not read about other stuff I happen to be thinking about or working on. I thought, you know, maybe that would actually make for a wider audience or something.

This could’ve made sense if there were a group of people who wanted to contribute on this topic, but instead it’s been this fragment of what I’m thinking about and working on. Since I’m the only one blogging, it seems kind of counter productive to split up my thoughts into “this category that I can blog here about” and “this other category that I can blog somewhere else about”. And I don’t think the specialized-audience thing has really taken off anyway, judging by the blog’s stats.

So! For the time being, I’m putting this blog in stasis. Stuff I feel like writing will end up at http://joshg.wordpress.com, and I’ll possibly wrap in my scattered homepage contents at http://thoughtlost.org into that as well eventually. Or I’ll just make the thoughtlost.org domain an alias for my other wordpress site. Or something.

Anyway, if you’re an RSS type like myself, I encourage you to subscribe to the feed at joshg.wordpress.com in lieu of this one. It’ll continue to discuss games, game design, faith issues, as well as new media, art, poetry, programming, and whatever the heck else I end up wrapping into what I currently call my “profession”.

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