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Christian games in the E3 flurry May 11, 2006

Posted by joshg in Christianity.

Kotaku got a sneak peek at Left Behind: Eternal Forces, and despite being ready for a good laugh, they walked away surprised that it actually looked pretty good. I am going to resolve not to make any more blind guesses at what the spiritual side of the gameplay will be like, as Kotaku's brief notes already reveal that there's probably more to it than I had been expecting.

Also, The Escapist caught sight of Digital Praise at eFocus, a smaller press event which I guess tries to pick up some leftover attention from the nearby E3 behemoth. Digital Praise is basically DDR, but with Christian music. Nothing mind-blowingly new about the design, but I can't bring myself to fault them for it. Music is an integral part of spirituality and religious culture, both in Christianity and in many other faiths, as it draws us out of our logical left-brain's stranglehold on our creativity and frees us to worship openly. So from a gaming perspective, it's just another knock-off, but from a Christian perspective I'm in favor of anything that motivates people to combine dance with their worship.

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