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The Alpha February 4, 2006

Posted by joshg in General.

Welcome to faithgames. This is a blog about discussing where religion meets games, and about finding new and meaningful ways for them to cross paths.

Topics will range across different faiths, as well as different game genres and styles. However, part of the goal of this blog is to question why real beliefs have been left out in interactive entertainment. As such, I’m not going to hide behind a false neutrality about my own faith in what I contribute.

“Games” here will largely refer to video or computer games, but not exclusively. The big questions I have are about how interactivity will be used to express faith, and many of those questions will apply to traditional games (board, card, etc) as much as they do to electronic interactivity. Within electronic games, anything is fair game, including mainstream video games, casual or web-based games, and indie and / or art games. This will include both games that label themselves as religious, and those that don’t.

Thanks for dropping by! I’m looking forward to our conversations.



1. Nate - March 2, 2006

Cool! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while… glad to see someone doing a serious blog about it.

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